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TLR Software Publishing (TLRSWP) is a small software authorship located in Washington state, USA. At this time (March, 1998), TLR Software Publishing is just beginning to take official form. Check our web site often for the latest news.

We have been quietly producing hardware and software for well over fifteen years. Until recently, our software projects were intended for internal use only. Our past work has ranged from foreign language educational tools to Microsoft Windows™ NT RAS Dialer programs, to audio and computer hardware.

The "TLR" behind TLR Software Publishing is Thom Randolph. A seasoned electrical engineer with eighteen years of product, system, board and chip-level design experience, I have built many products and tools for many commercial customers. My résumé is available online for those who care to read it. Contact me directly for contract work, or to discuss temporary or permanent employment opportunities you might have.

In my career, one of the most rewarding positions I've held was that of a Senior Customer Support Applications Engineer for a software company. Besides being quite a mouthful to pronounce, I gained a great appreciation for customers and the problems created by poorly designed, written and maintained software and documentation. It is with that customer sympathy that all TLRSWP products are designed: friendly to the user, friendly to the administrator; designed for supportability and maintainability from the beginning. I hope you find our products meet your high expectations for quality and value.


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