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Email Errors

Email class Using the DLL directly Winsock Errors

The errors listed here are those generated within the Email DLL and class. These errors are the result of some problem in either the initialization or operation of the DLL or class. By comparison, Winsock errors are usually caused within the operating system, or within the communications and networking software.

The following information can be found in the email_defines100.js and in the DLLdefines100.js files. When using the Email class, use the Email.GetErrorString() method. When accessing the DLL directly, use the GetErrorString() function. Or, you can also interpret the values yourself.

Symbol (val_) Value Message (str_)

Success 0 Operation was successful.

Failed -1 Operation failed with an unspecified error

InvalidHandle -2 Specified handle is invalid.

UnknownOperation -3 Unrecognized command.

NoRecipient -4 No recipients specified.

InProgress -5 Message is currently being sent.

BadMailServer -6 Mail server address is invalid.

Interrupted -7 Message transmission interrupted.

AttachFileUnFound -8 File specified for attachment could not be found.

SMTPError -9 Email protocol error occurred.

BadCommunication -10 Error while communicating with SMTP server.

NoMailServer -11 No SMTP server specified

NoFrom -12 No sender specified.

UnableToConnect -13 Unable to connect to SMTP server.

UnableToSend -14 Errors occurred while sending email.

DuplicateHandle -15 The supplied handle is already in use.

EvaluationExpired -16 You must register the software to continue using it.

For each of the above, in order to form the symbol that would match the value returned, add the prefix val_ to the name in the Symbol column above. Similarly, the string message is identified with the str_ prefix to the Symbol. The prefixes are the same whether you're using the Email class or directly accessing the DLL.

For example:

  var ErrVal = this.EM.SendMessage();
  if (ErrVal == val_BadMailServer) {
    var ErrMessage = str_BadMailServer;

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