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Winsock Errors

Email class Using the DLL directly Email Errors

The errors listed here are those generated within the Windows socket (Winsock ) software, operating system, and other networking software. These errors are the result of some error in communication or in the network. By comparison, Email errors are usually caused by a problem in either the initialization or operation of the DLL or class.

The following information can be found in the email_defines100.js and DLLdefines100.js files. When using the Email class, use the Email.GetErrorString() method. When accessing the DLL directly, use the GetErrorString() function.

Symbol (val_) Value Message (str_)

WSAEINTR -10004 Interrupted system call

WSAEBADF -10009 Bad file number

WSAEACCES -10013 Access denied

WSAEFAULT -10014 Bad address

WSAEINVAL -10022 Invalid argument

WSAEMFILE -10024 Too many open files

WSAEWOULDBLOCK -10035 Operation would block

WSAEINPROGRESS -10036 Operation now in progress

WSAEALREADY -10037 Operation already in progress

WSAENOTSOCK -10038 Socket operation on non-socket

WSAEDESTADDRREQ -10039 Destination address required

WSAEMSGSIZE -10040 Message too long

WSAEPROTOTYPE -10041 Protocol wrong type for socket

WSAENOPROTOOPT -10042 Bad protocol option

WSAEPROTONOSUPPORT -10043 Protocol not supported

WSAESOCKTNOSUPPORT -10044 Socket type not supported

WSAEOPNOTSUPP -10045 Operation not supported on socket

WSAEPFNOSUPPORT -10046 Protocol family not supported

WSAEAFNOSUPPORT -10047 Address family not supported by protocol family

WSAEADDRINUSE -10048 Address already in use

WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL -10049 Can't assign requested address

WSAENETDOWN -10050 Network is down

WSAENETUNREACH -10051 Network is unreachable

WSAENETRESET -10052 Net dropped connection or reset

WSAECONNABORTED -10053 Software caused connection abort

WSAECONNRESET -10054 Connection reset by peer

WSAENOBUFS -10055 No buffer space available

WSAEISCONN -10056 Socket is already connected

WSAENOTCONN -10057 Socket is not connected

WSAESHUTDOWN -10058 Can't send after socket shutdown

WSAETOOMANYREFS -10059 Too many references, can't splice

WSAETIMEDOUT -10060 Connection timed out

WSAECONNREFUSED -10061 Connection refused

WSAELOOP -10062 Too many levels of symbolic links

WSAENAMETOOLONG -10063 File name too long

WSAEHOSTDOWN -10064 Host is down

WSAEHOSTUNREACH -10065 No route to host

WSAENOTEMPTY -10066 Directory not empty

WSAEPROCLIM -10067 Too many processes

WSAEUSERS -10068 Too many users

WSAEDQUOT -10069 Disc Quota Exceeded

WSAESTALE -10070 Stale NFS file handle

WSAEREMOTE -10071 Too many levels of remote in path

WSASYSNOTREADY -10091 Network subsystem is unavailable

WSAVERNOTSUPPORTED -10092 WINSOCK DLL Version out of range

WSANOTINITIALISED -10093 Winsock not loaded yet

WSAHOST_NOT_FOUND -11001 Host not found

WSATRY_AGAIN -11002 Non-authoritative 'Host not found', try again or check DNS setup

WSANO_RECOVERY -11003 Non-recoverable errors: FORMERR, REFUSED, NOTIMP

WSANO_DATA -11004 Valid name, no data record, check DNS setup

For each of the above, in order to form the symbol that would match the value returned, add the prefix val_ to the name in the Symbol column above. Similarly, the string message is identified with the str_ prefix to the Symbol.

For example:

  var ErrVal = this.EM.SendMessage();
  if (ErrVal == val_WSAHOSTUNREACH) {
    var ErrMessage = str_WSAHOSTUNREACH;

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